Positive Thinking for Challenging Times

Positive Thinking For Challenging Times

When everything is going right in your life, it is easy to feel and be positive. However, the real test is when times are challenging and difficult- do you still maintain the positive thoughts and outlook on life?

In many cases, this is where you find more negative thoughts creeping in.

However, this is the circumstance when you need the positive thoughts the most.

When times are tough, perhaps you have lost your job and job opportunities are bleak, the economic conditions are tough, you have just separated from your partner, etc. it is very easy to have negative thoughts and self-pity or to go through 'if only' scenarios in your mind and be pulled into a vicious cycle of concerns, fears, worries and anticipation of more problems.

As positive as you may be when times are good, it is when you face these challenging times that you may forget everything that you have learned and read about on staying positive and simply focus on the issues and problems instead of focusing on the solution and looking out for opportunities that can help your situation.

When you start on this path, not too far along will follow feelings of helplessness, self-pity, resentment, anger and sadness or depression.

You may blame everyone else around you for your predicament - often this blame will be towards those that are closest to you; you may resent people around you that are successful and cheerful; you may indulge in self-pity that you end up depressed and feeling sad and helpless that you cannot focus at all on any solutions.

Simply, you will develop a negative attitude towards life. Sometimes this ends up being a catch 22 as the negative attitude will simply attract more negative situations and you basically are digging yourself deeper and deeper in the world of negativity.

When you are in this world, even when positive things happen to you or potential opportunities come your way - you may not even see them as you are not 'open' to looking out for these opportunities.


There are people out there that complain about everything in their lives and see no joy in their day to day living. They miss that spark, that passion for life - as their negativity takes over every aspect of their life. They come across as 'grumpy' and 'mean'.

Often, these are the people who allow negativity to become central in their lives.

Is this the way you want to become? Many are too far into it that it is inherent in their nature. This is a sad situation as no one wants to live life this way - there is too much to cherish and enjoy and appreciate in life.

When you have the right attitude, you can experience all these joys.

Now you need to ask yourself - what good is this attitude? Is it helping you get out of your current situation or is it pulling you deeper into more and more problems and negative feelings.

Remember, that when you think positively, your subconscious mind will look for solutions. On the other hand, if you simply allow all the negative thoughts to enter your mind, you simply allow your subconscious mind to create more problems.

Now to change your thoughts, you cannot simply snap your finger and say 'OK, now I am only thinking positive thoughts' as the negative ones will keep creeping in and have you further dwell on your issues/circumstance.

You must ACT in order to make any changes.

Remember that there is always a solution.

You may need to learn a different skill, accept a different position that may be at a lower level that your previous position, cut back on your spending habits temporarily, seek alternate therapies, etc.

Often, repeating positive affirmations over-and-over again will also help you change your negative thoughts. Take a walk each day and repeat these affirmations to yourself over and over again.

By doing this, you are simply reprogramming your subconscious mind and in simple terms, you are changing your thoughts.

The key is that you are doing something to help your situation.

You never know what these actions may lead to. Many times, opportunities come to us indirectly and it is only by keeping an open mind that we try different options.

Often the key is to focus on the present and the future and forget the past.

It is only by forgetting the past that we allow ourselves to focus on the present.

In Summary, here is what you need to do when you are facing difficult or challenging times:

  • Keep a Positive Attitude
  • Keep an Open Mind for any opportunities that come your way – direct or indirect •Forget the Past - this is not something you can change so instead, simply Focus on the Present and Future
  • Use affirmations daily to help change your negative thoughts into positive ones.

Work with these steps today and you'll see changes down the road.

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