When To Work With Positive Thinking

When To Work With Positive Thinking

Positive thinking is something that needs to be done before things go wrong.

Unfortunately most people begin using positive thinking when it's too late. They only start trying to apply positive thinking after something bad has happened, or something has gone wrong.


When you do that it's often too late because the negative thoughts have started to spread. Your focus is on what has gone wrong and so more and more negative thoughts fill your mind. Trying to apply positive thinking at that time is like pouring a bucket of water on a raging fire. The flames are spreading very quickly and you need to take drastic measures.

Positive thinking works better when you apply it before things go wrong.

But let's say your at the point where things have gone wrong and now you want to apply positive thinking. How do you make it work?

To have positive thinking work once things have gone wrong you need to change the way you see things, constantly shift your thoughts to the positive and that means getting rid of the negative thoughts that continually come up.

Your mind will want to think about what went wrong and continually analyze the situation hoping to find a solution or maybe you think you can go back and fix things so that they'll be what they once were. This is the mind playing tricks on you, it just wants you to stay where you are, analyze the situation over and over, and try to go back to the way things were.

When that happens you need to push the mind forward and start thinking about what you want next in the situation. Think of all the positive things you could learn from what went wrong, so that you learn from past mistakes and then start filling your mind with positive thoughts that focus on how you can be successful the next time.

This will take practice and you have to repeatedly push your mind to think positive and to learn from past mistakes and to focus on what you want next. You can't do this once in a while or once a day. It's a constant exercise that you have to work with and that means everyday throughout the day.

Your mind will want to be negative and that's the easy part. If you're not use to thinking positive or if you're not normally a positive person then it may take even longer to move passed the setback or create the changes you want.

When you're regularly positive, when your mind is used to being positive, upbeat and optimistic it's easier for you to bounce back from setbacks and when things go wrong. That's because your mind and subconscious mind are used to being positive and you have a belief that things will get better.

So instead of waiting for something to go wrong to then try and apply positive thinking, start being more positive and optimistic today.

Here are a few things that you can do to help you develop positive thinking, become more optimistic and positive.

Each day think of at least 3 things that you enjoyed - and focus only on the positive. This can be anything, even a nice cup of coffee, or spending time with a friend, or enjoying a great meal. Just pick any 3 things and focus on them daily.

Perform random acts of kindness that lead to a positive outcome. And to this at least twice a day. Simply holding a door open is such an act, helping somebody is another act, anything that is positive and makes somebody else feel better.

Think of at least 3 things that you did well and acknowledge your positive qualities.

Say at least 5 positive things to somebody during the day.

Stop complaining and be supportive.

At first you probably won't remember to do all of these so you may want to write them down and keep them in front of you as a reminder.

The more often you do these things the sooner you'll become more positive and optimistic.

Remember, you have to practice being positive and that means doing things differently while eliminating all the negative thoughts.

So get started and keep track of your progress. As you become more positive and optimistic you'll begin to see positive coincidences unfold in your life - that's when things start to work out more often.

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