Positive Thinking Products


The Creating Power System$297.00


This Powerful program has already helped over 100-thousand people worldwide improve their lives and achieve their goals. Creating Power shows you how to direct the power of your Subconscious mind so that you start Creating the Life you want. With Creating Power the struggles are over and you’ll begin enjoying greater success and happiness.Start living the life you want today.

Creating Wealth$197.00


Begin manifesting wealth and abundance sooner than you thought possible. When you work with this powerful program you’ll begin to attract wealth and opportunities to increase your wealth quickly and easily. (links to more information, order regular, quiet or both).

Success Strategies$19.99 every month


Discover the simple steps to create long lasting success. Each week you'll get a new and powerful lesson delivered as a video and audio program. Stop working hard. Success comes easy when you follow these steps.

The Power of Believing$37.00


Change your beliefs and you change your life. Power of Believing shows you how to create new and empowering beliefs so that you attract the right situations and get your life back on track. Already a worldwide bestseller, the Power Of Believing is a must read if you have any intentions of improving your life.

Get it in e-book format for only $27!

Power Affirmations

Our Power Affirmations series accelerates your results and puts you on the road to success quickly and easily. No exercises. No homework. Nothing to study and nothing to memorize. Simply pop in the CD and hit the Play button, changes begin to take place as you listen.

We have 2 versions for each title. The Regular version allows you to hear the affirmations. The Quiet version has the affirmations playing in the background. These programs are set to music that utilizes new technology which allows the affirmations to sink into your subconscious easily. This process leads to changes in thoughts, beliefs and actions. As a result you experience results sooner.

Manifesting Wealth And Abundance:$27.97


If You Can Hit The Play Button You Can Begin To Build Massive Wealth. Learn how to develop the mindset for building and attracting wealth. The wealthiest and most successful people in the world have a mindset that guarantees an avalanche of wealth no matter what the economy does. Now you can have that same mindset by working with Creating Wealth. This program has already helped people go from small 5 figure salaries to 7-figures in less than a year. Now you can have the same success with Creating Wealth.

Creating Confidence:$27.97


Create sky rocketing confidence at the push of a button. This powerful program will help you develop confidence in all areas of your life. Simply listen to the CDs as you go about your day.

Stop Procrastinating:$27.97


Begin taking charge of your life and get things done. This powerful program will help you focus on tasks and get them done quickly and easily. Stop procrastinating and start living the life you want.

Eliminate Fear And Anxiety:$27.97


Kick Fear and Anxiety out of your life once and for all. With this powerful program you’ll no longer be held back by fear, anxiety or panic. Begin enjoying your life, make the right decisions and start enjoying success. Isn't it about time you got rid of the fear, panic and anxiety that’s been crippling you? Get started today.

Overcome Depression:$27.97


Put an end to depression, start enjoying life and experience happiness again. This program helps you eliminate the thoughts, feelings and beliefs that compel you to be depressed. You’ll replace those depressing feelings with empowering thoughts, feelings of joy, and happiness.Start enjoying life again today!